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GCOM 360 User Interface Design

Spring Semester - 2019

GCOM 360
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So far I have behind me two semesters of Basic Computer Repair, three semesters of Web Page coding; three semesters of Adobe – Photoshop and Illustrator, and one semester of WordPress CMS.   Am currently  employment as web-master for Crown Roofing, am building a house and making beauty in the yard as much as possible. The peace that comes from the stillness of the great outdoors, as well as from meditation  within,  is the greatest gift and highest achievement.  The better person I learn to be, the more I can do to make the world a better place.

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User Interface Design

Making Beautiful Layouts

Modern Looks

Just when you think you got it nailed, it changes. Got to keep the eyes open at all times.

Responsive Layouts

Responsive WordPress design allows your website to display perfectly on mobile devices always.

Server Security

CMS make things easy to create content, but much more vulnerable to malware attacks.


Creative Design

Creative animations can enhance and beautify your content and keep your visitors attention.

Color Schemes

Use of specific colors to reflect the mood and theme of your chosen content.

Awesome Fonts

Typeface should follow best practices of minimal use and contrasting font types with design variety of sizes and weights.

Menu simplicity

I'm a fan of simplicity - and if you want to hold on to people's attention, you have to keep navigation simple.

Full Width Layout

No wasted space whether viewing the website on computer, tablet or smart phone

One Page Mode

Single or multi page scrolling with parallax to quickly zip through page content.

The Creative process

Is The Art Of Allowing

Featured Works

These Are My Featured Papers


A Good Web Designer

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then web designers will find a way to access the creative part of the mind in a way which also may be seen as beautiful to others.  But can we say that  creativity is a component of mind at all?

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The CMS vs.HTML Shootout

There is much discussion about the pros and cons of web development from the standpoint of CMS user experience, but could the elephant in the room be the issue of server security and it's maintenance?

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Web Design For User Experience

Web design done with ease of user experience in mind necessarily takes into consideration user device type, user purpose and user psychology.  In this paper we shall briefly touch upon these areas as contributing factors in an overall picture to paint when engaging in web development for user experience.

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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Web usability can take into consideration many elements of website design feature and function based upon each person’s own criteria as to what he or she deems as usable or not usable in terms of individual user desire. In this paper I choose to focus on 4 elements which I deem important to my personal website user experience

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